Gimme A Beat — A “G-Rated” Beat


Now that I have satellite radio in my car, I have become WAY too lax with my song censorship when I have my five-year-old passengers with me.  I guess I feel like I’ve put in my time with all the annoying “sing-along” crap when they were babies and that I’m overdue for some booty shakin’ beats while I’m carting kids around town.  They usually wear their headphones and watch a movie on the dvd player, so I’m used to just zoning out and listening to my “adult” music. However, they sometimes remove the “earmuffs” without me knowing, and suddenly, I realize that they are boppin right along to the beat with me.  It became very clear to me that I needed to put the brakes on certain stations when my daughter started demanding explanations for terms like “diva” and “hustler” and when both twins started singing almost every single word to Kid Rock’s summer of ’08 anthem.  Five year olds screaming songs out the windows about whiskey and pot is not really the image I’m trying to project about town!  I sometimes forget that their brains are like little sponges and their memories like steel traps. Surprisingly, though, neither one of my kids have yet to utter even one swear word.  It blows my mind because they’ve definitely heard me mumble a choice word or two, especially in the car when I get a little taste of road rage. Regardless of this fact, I realize that kids are exposed to way too much as it is, so I do not need to pollute their little ears with even more trash. From now on, I think it’s best if I leave my mobile dance parties to kid-free excursions — yep, gotta clean it up for the kiddies so they don’t end up talking like sailors at kindergarten.  Sacrifices, sacrifices!


2 Responses

  1. Preaching to the choir there:

  2. …I think the 1st one I was Oh SO Proud of — was Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy… 🙂 and we made love!!! Gotta love that coming out of a toddlers mouth!! I was just so dang proud and how well he could pronounce the words…

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