I Signed Up For This?


I am well-aware that I wear many different hats playing the role of Mom. However, I don’t remember signing up for anything that even remotely resembled “bag lady” or “coat rack.” Somehow or another, though, it seems that I always end up carrying everybody else’s crap. As soon as I greet my kids after school, they dump their coats, their backpacks, their lunch bags, and any other belongings at my feet and take off running with their friends.  I even accumulate their friends’ crap when I’m the carpool driver. Do I look like a bellhop or something?  They scramble away, and I’m left to eat their dust and weigh my options.  I can either: A.) scoop it all up and head to the car, or, B.) leave it for the squirrels and other rodents to rummage through in search of food. The way I see it, neither option is a particularly good one for me. It’s a lose-lose situation. Obviously, I end up choosing option A because I don’t want to have to shell out more money to buy replacements, nor do I want to have to listen to my husband bitch about having to spend that extra money.  And so it goes that I bear the burden of having to schlep it all up in my arms and wobble my way to the car. Am I even recognizable underneath that mound of crapola?  I think it’s only fair that I should be getting tipped for these extra services!  I know, I know…no breath-holding going on here.  How can I get extra tips when I’m not even salaried?


4 Responses

  1. Hilarious. My son pulls the old it’s too heavy thing on me all the time. Meanwhile, I’m carrying two bags, dragging my laptop case and carrying one chunky toddler.

    • I guess it’s just par for the course that we endure the role of juggler among our many other inexplicable talents! Men could never ever do this job, could they??!!

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