Lost and NEVER Found

You would think that since it’s April, we’d be busting out the light jackets and capri pants, but instead, I’m scrambling to find matching mittens and hats once again. Unfortunately, it seems that Winter is not quite done beating the crap out of us just yet.  And in the quest to locate coordinating accessories for the bazillionth time, I’m faced with the realization that my son has lost yet another hat.  I swear the child cannot keep track of his stuff to save his life — I’m always telling him that he’d lose his “peeper” if it wasn’t attached.  Back at the start of the season, I bought him a pair of really warm, waterproof mittens that went missing faster than I could say go.  We checked all the lost and founds, but no dice.  I actually made him go to school one day with one mitten and one glove when we couldn’t track down anything that went together.  He went through three other pairs before we randomly found the original pair buried under the snow in the back yard just a couple of weeks ago.  It’s been the same ordeal with hats — he’s on his third hat now.  I’m not quite sure where these items keep ending up — maybe we’ve clothed a very nice homeless family somewhere. At any rate, flip-flop weather better put the pedal to the metal because this lady here is quickly running out of winter gear and out of patience even faster!



2 Responses

  1. I blame the groundhog! And you’re not alone. My 8 yr old has gone to school without shoes, without homework, without coat, and one fine day–in the same clothes as the day before! It must be a boy thing.

  2. LOL! It most definitely is a male thing — my husband has the same problem!

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