Dirty Talk

I feel like doing the Humpty Dance because Spring is finally here (or at least the calendar says so)! Adios and good riddance Winter!  And now that the snow has finally melted, and we can see that we do, in fact, have grass, we can begin to deal with yet another on-going battle that we moms continue to fight:  kids and dirt.  It is a pretty well-known fact that kids have a magnetic pull towards any bit of dirt/mud they encounter.  They’re drawn to each other like a moth to a flame.  My kids are certainly no exception to this rule.  If there is a mud puddle, you can bet your butt they’ll be in it.  They can’t stay away.  And if I tell them not to run through the dirt, it’s like telling someone they aren’t allowed to sneeze — they simply can’t help themselves.  So, that whole saying about how April showers will be bringing us May flowers…yeah, talk dirty to me Spring, because that rain also brings about mud and more laundry for this tired mama!



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