I Happen To Like Silly Hearts

So, I’d like to refer back to an earlier post I wrote entitled, “Please Don’t Fast-Forward My Kids”.  I submitted that entry to the editorial section of the newspaper, which actually ended up publishing it while we were on vacation last week. The Superintendent of the schools contacted the principal of my kids’ school, who then contacted me this morning. They are all distraught because they were unaware that I was “unhappy with the kindergarten program,” and the teachers are confused because they thought they had a good repoire with me. My jaw about hit the floor because I never intended to cause a big commotion by my little blog entry. I am actually very fond of my kids’ teachers — they are fabulous at what they do! (I can’t even get two five year olds to listen to me, yet they can get twenty of them to not only listen but also to participate!)  I realize that they have a VERY tough job in trying to please a wide variety of parental expectations.  I know there are some die-hard academia-type parents out there who’ve put the pressure on the school systems to expand the kindergarten curriculum.  I, however, am definitely NOT one of those parents.  I want my kids to learn new things, but I also want them to be kids.  We have WAY too much time to be grown-ups and not nearly enough time to be young. It reminds me of that scene from the movie “Uncle Buck” where John Candy goes to the principal’s office to talk about his niece. Like Buck, I, too, am a big fan of silly hearts and dreamers!


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