Rules? What Rules?

Since we’ve been on vacation, my kids have been so far off their normal schedules that it’s not even funny.  In fact, there really isn’t a schedule, which makes me a little afraid of the transition to the real world when we get back home.  They’ve been going to bed WAY past their bedtime (and sometimes, even mine!), and they’ve been sleeping in a lot later than they typically ever do (much to my pleasant surprise — wait, who are these kids?!).  Mealtimes are all over the place — I’m never really sure if we’re supposed to be eating breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  Everyone just kind of eats whenever they’re hungry.  Grab a handful of this here and a handful of that there.  No one is keeping track of how much sugar is consumed in a day.  The more M n’ M’s, the merrier!  My kids are in absolute seventh heaven because they’d exist solely on snacks if they had it their way.  We just have to let it roll off our shoulders whenever we go out to eat at night and pay $15 for a cheeseburger from which they take a measly two bites.  Chalk it up to yet another vacation expense:  que sara, sara.  Yes, we will all feel the raw sting next week when reality bitch slaps us right in the face.  Until then, bring on the candy and late night adventures….



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