Splish Splash


This is pretty much the first year that my twins are actually able to swim completely on their own.  My husband took them to our gym all winter long to practice in the indoor pool, and now, they are truly little fish.  My son would disagree, but he certainly does not appear to be the next Michael Phelps.  (Although, I have to give the poor kid an A+ for effort.  He puts every little bit of his heart and soul into it.)  He definitely has his own unique style of treading water, which very much resembles drowning.  I really thought he was gonna give the other people in the pool a coronary yesterday.  I was asked multiple times if he was ok or if he needed help.  And even though I was watching him like a hawk, they kept looking at me like I was a horrible excuse for a mother because I wasn’t jumping in with a life raft to save him.  After watching him huff and puff from one side of the pool to the other, I had to physically drag him onto the deck to take a break.  The child was clearly exhausted.  However, he has to do what he’s gotta do to keep up with his twin sister, who is miss super-duper competitive.  Anything her brother can do, she can do better, or at least that’s her mantra.  After a very short rest break, he wanted to get right back at it.  By the end of the day, my cute little five year olds looked very much like Florida crackers, complete with saggy skin and permanent raccoon eyes from their goggles.  That said, you can bet your bikini that the first thing out of their mouths this morning will be something about when they can go swimming again.


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