Oh Dear God, Are We There Yet?

So, late last night, the night before we’re supposed to leave for our family Spring Break trip, my daughter’s tummy decided that it wanted to take another ride on the stomach flu roller coaster.  I must say, the timing could not be better!  Did I mention that we will be driving twenty plus hours to get to our vacation destination?!  Yeah, good times await, especially since the poor child has a tendency to get car sick anyway! This seems to be the typical luck our family has, though, whenever we embark on some sort of family get-away.  When we were about to leave for our New Years’ trip to Florida back in late December, we had major storms and flooding and lost our electricity for almost two days.  Oh, and then, we drove right through a tornado! That was a jolly good time! And another time when we were driving down to visit the grandparents, my daughter pooped her pants because I couldn’t get to a bathroom fast enough for her, and, then, soon thereafter, an oh-so-friendly cop gave me a big, fat whopping speeding ticket, along with a very unnecessary lecture.  He clearly was either not a parent himself or was related to the tin man because the jerk had absolutely no heart whatsoever. I guess it would be asking way too much to have a drama-free departure.  We should just go ahead and change our name to the “Chaos” family cause that’s how we roll, people!



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