Why Even Bother?

Every time I see a mom at kindergarten drop-off who’s all made up, every hair in place, looking like a fashion plate, I have to do a double take.  I am usually rushing like a mad woman, still dressed in my sweaty workout clothes with a very messy ponytail slopped on my head.  Now, either these fabulously put-together women have to race off to work, or they know something I don’t know. How in the world do they do it?  More importantly, WHY do they do it, especially if their only audience is going to be a bunch of five and six year olds? Now maybe if Brangelina’s kids attended the same school as mine, I might consider spiffing myself up a bit more.  But, as far as I can tell, ain’t no Brad Pitt look-alikes anywhere near our neighborhood!



One Response

  1. you look fabulous with that ponytail mop on top of your head! styled with sweat of course!

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