Wii is Whack!


So, I’m thinking we may need to sign my son up for some type of Wii support group.  The child is severely addicted to the Nintendo goldmine, aka “video crack.”  He’s had a little taste, and now he can’t seem to think about anything but the next time he gets his fix.  It’s the first thing he asks for when he gets up in the morning and the first thing out of his mouth when he walks in the door from school. We have to set time limits for him to play because otherwise, we would totally lose him to the beast. If we tell him that he can’t play at any given time, we have to deal with the beat-down and backlash of his withdrawal. Every other part of his day is spent talking about some aspect of the Indiana Jones or Star Wars game. We’ll be sitting at the kitchen table, and out of the clear blue, he’ll bust into a monologue about cracking Indy’s whip or meeting a dangerous cantina barman or buying gold bricks.  I’m thinking, huh?! Weren’t we just talking about chicken nuggets?  It’s like his brain has been completely taken over by all things Wii.  I fear that in the future they will come out with an emergency public service announcement:  “This is your brain. This is your brain on Wii”.


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