And The Oscar Goes To…

Given the fact that I have one of each with my twins, I am able to see up close and personal the many differences between the sexes.  I would say the single biggest disparity is that girls are WAY more dramatic than boys. My daughter is a first-class drama queen, no doubt about it.  The child can produce tears quicker and more effectively than Meryl Streep in any of her award-winning dramatic performances.  She sure knows how to turn on the water works.  It all begins with a downward tilt to the head, quickly followed by the quivering of that protruding lower lip.  She has totally mastered that sad puppy dog in the window look.  And if you ever call her out on something she knows she’s not supposed to be doing in the first place, look out!  An emotional meltdown is sure to follow.  These, of course, usually take place when we are already late for something and don’t have even one second to spare.  Her timing is nothing short of impeccable, that’s for sure.  This roller coaster of emotions scares the living hell out of me for what the future holds.  Good Lord — what will she be like when she’s actually going through puberty?!  I don’t know if I’ll be able to take it!  Guess I should start stocking up on my wine and nerve pills now….



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  1. I have two teen daughters and I can tell you that time of the month can be dicey. It’s good to just remember their dramatics are due to hormones and not take anything too personally. Which is easier said than done.

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