It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s Super-Box!

0041-0610-2512-2642I don’t know what it is with kids and cardboard boxes, but my kids could literally spend an entire day happily playing with nothing but a 4×4 box. Every time I get a package in the mail, they beg me to open it so they can have the box.  They could care less that it has the foul stench of our chain-smoking UPS man — they are only interested in what they can create with it. They’ve made just about every kind of transportation device known to mankind.  Just yesterday, my daughter was hard at work on a very fashionable spacesuit to go with the pimped-out cardboard spaceship she had made with her brother. And the bigger the box, the better the creation, because everyone knows it’s more fun to have a passenger in your ride!  I don’t know why I ever bought the bazillion and one toys that are just collecting dust in our basement.  Heck, I could’ve saved a crapload of money and just set up a playroom full of old boxes!  Live and learn….


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