Tea Time

So my kids and I somehow got into a discussion about caffeine in the car today.  The subject of green tea came up, which led to them asking why they couldn’t drink tea all the time like their little friend from school. (What?  A kindergartener is drinking tea?!  Sounds a little strange to me, but I once saw a woman giving a two year old a 20 ounce bottle of Coke! We do live in a strange world….)  I then tried to explain that tea has an ingredient in it that’s not good for little kids, and they clearly do not need any more energy than they already have! They wanted to know why their grandma drinks it all the time then.  I told them that she really likes the taste and that it helps her from falling asleep.  They then questioned why I drink it; they said, “Mommy, you don’t ever want to be awake, so you should stay away from tea.”  Good point, kiddos! However, mama’s gotta have her go-go juice to keep pace with my little tasmanian devils….



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