My Little Alarm Clocks


Why do my kids only want to sleep in on school days?  I often have to literally drag them out of bed to get them going with breakfast and the whole nine yards.  I feel like a cheerleader on the sidelines sending out chants of encouragement to hurry them along through the entirety of the a.m. routine.  I am so not a morning person, but I have to suck it up through the week and kick it into high gear way before the crack of dawn. So, it only makes sense then, that I would want to catch some extra z’s on weekend mornings. However, my twins always seem to have a different plan in mind for me. They are not the type of kids who will just quietly head downstairs and watch tv until I am awake.  No, no — I am greeted with ear-piercing screams of “MOMMMYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!”  Who needs an alarm clock with that kind of wake-up call?!  Even if they stay up later on weekend nights, they are still ready to rock and roll way before I can even contemplate opening my eyelids.  My mom keeps telling me to just wait until they want to sleep till noon when they’re selfish, lazy teenagers — hmmm…sounds like Heaven to me!


One Response

  1. It didn’t get better for me until my kids became teens. Now I have to wake them up on the weekends or they’d sleep all day. Of course, they are older now so they also stay up late … there’s no quiet time at the end of the day like there used to be.

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