Please Don’t Fast-Forward My Kids

I could not believe my eyes when I found an actual “homework” packet in my twins’ backpacks yesterday.  The teachers feel that since first grade is fast approaching, these kindergarteners need to get in the habit of doing homework every night.  Really?  EVERY night?  I feel like I need to send a reminder notice that they are only five going on six! I am already amazed at all they are expected to learn in kindergarten as it is.  My kids only go to school half a day, but the amount of activities they cram into that two and a half hours is enough to make your head spin.  They often tell me they didn’t get to have “free choice time” (which is code for play time) because they were too busy. Too busy to play?!  I swear I remember only learning the alphabet and taking naps on a little cot when I was a kindergartener. Now, it’s like it’s presumed that they will read and write the next great American novel before they even learn to tie their shoes!  I am all for encouraging my kids to love learning, but can’t we just let them enjoy the training wheels a bit more before we shove them off onto the two wheeler?



One Response

  1. Jennie, So true. You nailed it. Don’t forget besides writing that American novel they need to be able to write it in more than one language. I appreciate your candid observations. Keep writing.
    Jenny in Seattle

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