The Family That Pukes Together….


When you’re a mom, you have to share everything — even being sick. You would think it wouldn’t be such a big deal to want to experience something so miserable on my own.  But, oh no….it has to be a family affair!  I have to just put my own sickness aside so I can roll up my sleeves and get to work tackling everybody else’s illnesses.  And those people who tell you that it’s different when it’s your own kids’ puke are just plain crazy.  Uh, hate to tell you people, but puke is puke! It’s all disgusting!  I can’t even stand to see someone barfing on t.v., so just because it comes out of my sweet little darlings does not make it any easier to tolerate.  My kids’ chunks are just as nasty as the next person’s.  There is nothing worse than cleaning up puke from your child’s bed in the middle of the night because of course, it can’t just be contained to one area.  It has to cover the ENTIRE contents of the bed, stuffed animals and all.  I’m not quite sure how I’m going to get the smell off a six foot long stuffed horse when it’s supposed to be a “surface wash only” item.  It’s looking like Mr. Buttercup might just have to suddenly disappear….


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