My Purse, the Trash Can

I’m very curious at what point I can reclaim ownership of my purse.  I thought it was such a great turning point when I could finally retire the old diaper bag for good; however, I’m realizing that my purse has become, for all intensive purposes, the graduated version of the ever-popular baby accessory.  My kids shove more crap in my purse than I am even aware. They seem to have mistaken it for the trash can.  It’s pretty awkward when I am in a checkout line fishing for my wallet and instead retrieve a handful of gum wrappers mixed with used Kleenex. It does come in handy sometimes when hunger pangs set in to find a broken lollipop or very old Hershey’s kiss at the bottom.  Of course, it is understood that it’s an eat at your own risk situation.  My husband doesn’t understand why a small person like me insists on carrying such a large bag.  Thank God big bags are in because I can prevent my kids from being litter-bugs while being fashionable all at the same time!



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