Pieces and Parts



I could very easily open up a museum to proudly (or would it be embarrassingly?) display the enormous amount of random, broken toy parts that have accumulated in our house.  I have spent the last three days trying to collect as many of these displaced pieces that I can possibly locate.  The massive pile that I have gathered explains just why it is that my kids never want to play with their toys anymore — quite simply, they are all broken!  I have been threatening since Christmas to give away all their toys since they don’t seem to care enough about them to keep them together.  However, I realized this weekend just how empty of a threat this actually is.  When it all boils right down to it, my kids care about one and only one thing — the wii. I’m not quite sure they’d even notice if all their other toys did suddenly end up missing.  If the wii went AWOL, however, I am absolutely positive my kids would issue an all points bulletin until it was restored to its rightful place.


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