Here Comes the Bride/Groom

I could easily give Bill Cosby a run for his money on who’s heard more of the darnedest things from kids. My twins could provide enough material to create an entire season of that show.  They constantly crack me up with their perspective on certain concepts. Lately, they have been very interested in the idea of marriage. They ask everyone if they are married.  I really don’t think they completely understand what that actually means because my daughter asked me if she would be marrying her daddy when she gets older.  She also asked me if she could be a flower girl in my next wedding. And my son REALLY threw us for a loop when he proudly announced to his grandma that he & his little “boy” friend from kindergarten would be adopting a baby together when they get married some day.  We all did a double take with that one — I have no idea what ever prompted him to think about marrying a boy (not that there’s anything wrong with that), much less adopting a baby!  How about we just stick with being five years old and getting through kindergarten for now?



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  1. I understand. My 5 and 6 year old keep me wiser….

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