Backpack Crap

As a kid, I swear I do not remember bringing home even a fraction of the amount of papers that my twins bring home from kindergarten. They have a special red folder in their backpacks where the teachers send home artwork, worksheets, newsletters, etc.  It is the parent’s responsibility to check this folder each day and collect all of these papers.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m all for oohing and ahhing over artwork and letter writing. However, what exactly am I supposed to do with a giant piece of white paper that has one big purple line across the center?  Am I really supposed to proudly display this on the refrigerator for all to see?  I’m not saying they’re the next Picasso, but I know my kids can at least draw stick figures!  I seriously think the teachers send home every single paper my kids barely even touch with their crayons or pencils.  I find myself emptying the folder each night and oh so casually tossing the majority of these papers in the round file cabinet.  I have been caught, though, on a few occasions throwing away things that apparently are pretty important to my kids. I just pull out the dumb card and pretend like it was an oversight or if necessary, blame it on my husband.  I guess I just thought the schools would be more into the whole “green” movement, but instead, it seems like my kids have brought home the Hundred Acre Woods in their backpacks. Sorry Mother Earth….



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