That’s Gonna Leave a Mark….

I’m fairly certain that if you were to Google the term “clutz” you’d find a picture of my son, God love him.  The poor child is an accident waiting to happen, a characteristic he apparently inherited from his father.  We’ve often said the kid should be dressed in head to toe armor with flashing yellow lights, just as a precaution.  In his five short years of life, he has had stitches five times! He is constantly falling or running into things.  The people at the emergency room now recognize my face — not really the claim to fame for which I was hoping.  I’m waiting for them to come and haul me away any day! The poor child literally walked right into the car door as we were leaving the emergency room one time after stitches.  (Note to self: buy kid helmet ASAP…)  If you were to look at my son at any given time, he will most definitely have some sort of bump, scrape, cut, bruise or red mark.  We should really buy stock in band-aids.  And given that today is Friday the 13th, a day that is typically known for bringing bad luck, I’m crossing my fingers, knocking on wood, and considering buying a rabbit’s foot to help the odds of us making it through the day without some sort of major catastrophe.  



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