Carpool From Hell

God help me… is my day to drive the carpool to my kids’ after school enrichment program.  Don’t get me wrong; it’s great when someone else drives!  However, I find myself dreading my own turn as taxi driver. (Like they say, payback’s a bitch!)  It starts with the additional fifteen minutes it takes to load everyone in the car.  This is immediately followed by the inevitable shouting and screaming that ensue when you put four wound-up five year olds together in a small, confined space.  I swear the noise level goes up 150 percent within one minute of the car doors closing. I then have to endure the bouncing and kicking and throwing of whatever random items are at hand, accompanied by vehement requests/demands for turning up the radio (as if it’s not rowdy enough already).  When I’m finally able to drop them off, I exhale a sigh of relief and enjoy the short-lived silence.  Soon thereafter, I find myself searching for the Tylenol and wondering where the nearest happy hour is located!



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