Tooth Fairy or Tooth Thief?


tooth-fairy1So, the exciting news in our house the past week has been my daughter’s first loose tooth.  She has had her hands in her mouth 24/7 trying to wiggle the thing out of there.  And finally, the tiny little tusk just popped right out yesterday.  The anticipation of the tooth fairy made it next to impossible for her to go to sleep last night.  Naturally, I was bombarded with any and every possible question about the mysterious tooth fairy, for which, I quickly realized, I have no real reasonable explanations.  When you really think about it, the whole concept is a bit disturbing.  Here we sit and lecture our kids to NEVER answer the door to strangers, yet it’s perfectly acceptable for some strange, winged woman to break into our house in the middle of the night and steal our children’s teeth!  When my daughter woke up this morning to find a five dollar bill (no clue how much teeth go for these days) under her pillow, she, of course, was bursting at the seams with excitement.  She wanted to know what the tooth fairy does with the teeth once she takes them.  Again, not having really prepared myself for the inquisition, I decided that she keeps them in a giant jar in her house, which apparently is located in the clouds. That seemed to satisfy my daughter for the meantime, but I’m left feeling a bit guilty for filling her little head with this insanely ridiculous story….


One Response

  1. My son truely believes the tooth fair is the big guy in pink tights from the damn Capital One – Whats in Your Wallet commercial!!!!!

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