Pigs on Board



I’d like to think of myself as a fairly organized person, but I have pretty much all but given up on the back seat of our SUV.  The front seat is fairly clutter-free and orderly.  The back seat, however, is a whole other story.  My kids continuously trash every inch of that area day in and day out. It is nothing to find old crushed up Goldfish crackers;  trails of cookie crumbs; sticky, crumbled lollipop sticks; wadded up gum wrappers; random stale french fries; broken crayons in just about every color; crumbled pages of coloring books; and just about every Happy Meal toy ever produced. And because no one in our family smokes, my twins have decided that the ash trays on the doors are “trash cans”.  They are constantly trying to cram hand wipes and tissues in those teensy tiny little openings.  I am always embarrassed when I open the doors for them to get out of the car, and Kleenex and Wet Ones come tumbling out faster than Paris Hilton from a limo.  It seems that just as soon as I clean up one mess, another mess is already in the works.  Yes, my mommy-mobile needs a makeover.  I wonder if I could get MTV to come and “pimp my ride”……


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  1. Maybe they are secretly saving a “emergency kit” in the back seat just in case they hit Chi-town rush hour..could be handy in that situation:)! Funny stuff girl!!

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