Your Place or Mine?

What is the deal with playdates?  Since when do kids need a date to play?  What ever happened to the good old days when your parents would open the door and tell you to play in the street till the neighbor kids came out to play with you?!  Ever since my twins entered kindergarten, the whole playdate phenomenon has absolutely exploded.  They are constantly wanting to have playdates with this kid or that.  It’s kinda nice when the playdate’s at someone else’s house.  Then, I can actually get a moment to breathe, space out, or even scream.  However, every now & then, you have to reciprocate at your house, which, most of the time, is not a problem.  There are, however, a few kids for whom I absolutely feel like we need to lock up the valuables and bolt down the furniture.  There’s this one little boy who we refer to as “the bull in the china shop”.  This kid is like a tornado when he enters a room, whirling and twirling and knocking down everything in his path.  He will find anything and everything that is NOT a toy and make it a toy.  We caught him spread eagle on the kitchen counter one time trying to dismantle a picture frame.  Then, there’s another kid who we refer to simply as “the rude kid”.  This child spits out orders at the kitchen table like I’m a short-order cook, no please, no thank you.  He’s also big into flatulence jokes & loves to do the old hand under the armpit gesture to create his desired sound effects.  And when I tried to turn on Spongebob for the kids, he flat out told me that he only watches wrestling on t.v..  I can’t say that I’ve met too many five-year-old WWF fans.  I’m very much looking forward to warmer weather so that when it’s my turn to host the next playdate, I can throw them in the backyard and lock the door.  Now that’s my kind of playdate!



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