Under Where?

16043My twins are absolutely fascinated by female undergarments.  Since modesty is a thing of the past in my household, my kids have seen me changing clothes more times than they can count.  To them, bras are simply called “boob covers,” which actually makes more sense literally.  Victoria’s Secret is now known as “the boob cover store”. Much to my dismay, they love to emphatically shout this out at the mall any time we walk by the store. Needless to say, I do not take them bra shopping anymore!  They have both asked me when they’re going to have “big boobs” like Mommy and Daddy. While I take this lightly, my husband, on the other hand, doesn’t quite see the humor in it.  Thong panties are absolutely mind-baffling to them.  My daughter constantly asks me why I want to have a wedgie all the time.  She says she doesn’t understand why I don’t pick it out of my butt.  However, she has asked me when she gets to wear the “skinny underwear” like me.  My response, naturally, is when she’s 35!  I know you should practice what you preach, but there is no way I will have a boob covers, thong-wearing kindergartener in this house!


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