Driver’s Ed, Mom-Style


I used to not count multi-tasking as one of my stronger skills.  However, I can’t help but be amazed at the unbelievable amount of things I can accomplish all while driving 65 miles an hour down the highway.  When you have two demanding five year olds in the back seat, you’ll do just about anything to keep the peace.  I have injected, ejected, fast-forwarded, rewound and stopped movies from the dvd player, which is oh-so conveniently located in the back seat; I’ve gone on search and rescue missions for precious cargo, i.e. dropped crayons;  I’ve served as vending machine to dole out everything from sandwiches to lollipops;  I’ve provided encouraging feedback for coloring masterpieces;  I’ve repaired broken toys and throw-away trinkets (thanks to all of the chotchky kids’ meals toys that have accumulated in our car);  I’ve even broken up countless shouting and/or boxing matches — all from the driver’s seat of the family truckster while rolling along at anything but slow speeds.  I have to proudly toot my own horn because I’ve actually become quite an expert in the area of automobile multi-tasking.  So I had to laugh to myself when just the other day, my own dad fussed at me for sending him a text while driving.  His response was, “Quit texting me and pay attention to the road!”  If he only knew…….


2 Responses

  1. Okay….this cracked me up. I am proud of muli-tasking while I drive, I feel I am superior to other mortals!! 🙂 As bad as it sounds… I can add changing my own clothes to the list of accomplishments!!

  2. Haha. The other day, as I cruised at 75 down the Mass Turnpike while making a baby bottle and then feeding the baby said bottle, I realized that it should be illegal to drive while mom. Between the snack fetching and music changing for my 3-year-old, and the constant re-pacification and sometimes bottle feeding of my 7-month-old, my mind is rarely on the road as much as it should be.

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