Poop Pride

ee004-cartoon-poop-clipart1I guess when you’re five, the bigger the poop, the better.  My twins are often so proud of their toilet art, that they scream and scream my name until I come to witness the latest masterpiece.  They often come up with very detailed descriptions of the size, shape, and color of their work.  My daughter could hardly contain herself around Christmas when she had what she considered to be red and green poop.  And my son often likes to tell me what letter his by-products resemble.  Just yesterday he was so excited that he produced a very over-sized “s”.  Of course, many of these art exhibitions tend to be at mealtime, which is such an appetizing experience for me.  I’ve somehow learned to make myself immune to what I used to find disgusting and gag-inducing, yet another one of the many skills that motherhood has taught me through the years.  Poop schmoop!


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