No Zen in This Den

To say that our house is bursting at the seams with energy would be an understatement.  With two little munchkins running around, the volume tends to be on super duper high at all times. I’m not really sure I even remember what quiet actually sounds like.  So three times a week I try to attend my favorite yoga class to center myself and find a smidgen of peace. This past week, however, my down dog was sent to the doghouse thanks to the gassy woman behind me.  Just as everyone was tranquilly moving into the pose, she let one rip, and I don’t mean her pants.  It was so loud that it echoed throughout the entire studio, and I couldn’t help but sing to myself, “Who let the farts out?  Who?  Who?”  There was no centering myself after that.  It made it difficult to concentrate on deep nose breathing because I was anticipating more cheese cutting with each and every pose thereafter.  It definitely put a whole new spin on the mind-body connection;  her mind may have been telling her one thing, but her body was certainly telling her another.  So much for finding inner peace anywhere when you’re a mom…..



One Response

  1. This is great!! I would have to say how sorry I am for those that have been unable to hold it in – but for those of us in class – farts really are funny!! or at least to those of us that have sons and husbands at home. You tend to lose that “girlie” side when you are the only female in the house. I admit being in a class when this very thing happened to another lady… I was the one laying on her mat shaking from laughter and unable to go to the next pose!!!

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