Mount St. Laundry

laundry_pile1One of my biggest enemies since becoming a mom has always been, and I fear always will be, the never-ending pile of dirty clothes.  We’ve trained our little minions to put their dirty goods in the hamper in the morning and at night; however, it is such a growing mound, that it literally explodes from the closet when they open it.  Every time that door is opened, I seriously feel like the ginormous heap is flipping me the bird.  And as much as I’d love to just throw down with it right then and there, I know that is one battle I’m just never gonna win.  I’d love to just say screw it, even if just for one day, but all that does is punish me.  The next day will be double the trouble, and I will kick myself for slacking.  Yes, I have had to accept the fact that the beast that is our dirty laundry has taken me hostage for at least the next decade or until I can train our little soldiers to help me defeat it.


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